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If you are interested in red-hot, sublime sensuality, then you are enthusiastically invited to come play and learn with a highly skilled, deeply experienced purveyor of exquisite presence and touch…


stepping into a calm, beautiful environment where you are made most welcome by an alluring erotic artist.. relaxing into the experience,  your tensions begin to melt away… soon, there is nothing but bodies, breath, skin, sensation and vibration… you feel erotic energy coming alive in warm tingling waves and coursing through your entire body… riding these undulating waves until you are completely out of ordinary reality and totally in the adventure of extraordinary sensuality…

…I’ll take you there

Sessions for Men


* Incall - Santa Rosa - Mill Valley

* Outcall - Greater Bay Area Upscale Hotels (2hr minimum + travel fee)

Main Dish: Tantric Bodywork & Sensual Massage (fbsm)

Spices: kinky sensation-play; erotic dance; sexual fitness & partner yoga; psycho-sexual healing; sacred eros instruction and coaching; aromatherapy; sound bath and more 1 Hour

1 Hour $275
75 Minutes $300
90 Minutes $360
2 Hours $480
2 1/2 Hours $580
3 Hours $680

~ Tantric Explorations are better with at least 90minutes
~ Packages based on your desired outcomes are available for co-creation
~ I also work with women and couples - please inquire
~ 4-Hands Sensual Massage for singles or couples - please inquire
~ Generally, I have a minimum age requirement of 35...



Philosophy & Definitions

  • Sacred Eros ~ Experience. Enact. Embody.
  • Tantra -  is about using our body, senses, sexuality, feelings and emotions, temperment and personality, and all of our life experiences to enhance our overall health and spiritual evolution...  to move beyond disconnection, separation and limitation.
  • Luxurious -  a word-blend of  luxurious, luxuriant and luxuriate 
    *given to pleasure, especially of the senses; voluptuous *abundant or lush in growth *to enjoy oneself without stint; revel
  • Tantric Bodywork - the synergy of erotic massage; breath; sound; energy; movement; attention and intention with a skilled practioner.
  • Sacred - is a feeling-state that might include qualities of  awe and wonder, appreciation and gratitude, interconnectedness and unconditional joy... what is felt as sacred is as unique to each person as fingerprints are or love is...
  • Sensation Meditation & Erotic Trance - alternate states of consciousness... from the brain wave model - leaving beta and swimming in alpha and theta waves. So much good stuff happens when we luxuriate in these biochemical states!
  • Subtle Energy - electromagnetic & fluidic  waves of energy that we can become more aware of and then play/work with.
  • Spirituality - a commitment to enacting wholeness.
  • Healing - What often needs to happen to truly enact wholeness.
  • LuxuriousTantra - all of the above... with me. Also known as neo-tantra; slow sex; taoist sexuality; sacred eros; etc.
  • FBSM - full body sensual massage sans overt tantric practices.
  • The way I see it, the spiritual/mindful side of eros is still under-developed in our culture. If you are curious or hungry for this type of erotic depth and expansion, it is my purpose and pleasure to be a guiding and accompanying presence. It is not rocket science, but a language of the heart and a titillating art-science of conscious embodiment.


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About Me


My depth of experience comes from a long tale of personal and professional training, exploration and development. It is a never-ending story in that I love to continually learn and grow. And facilitate learning and growth in the people I choose to work with. From eastern & ancient to western & contemporary, I am trained and certified in many somatic, sexual, and psycho-spiritual modalities.

  • My style is easy-going, flowing, natural, practical and lighthearted.
  • My approach is intuitive and responsive - from earnest to very playful.
  • My intention is authentic connection and relevant service.


I am in my 50’s, stand 5’5” tall and weigh about 120lbs. As a dancer, my body is toned and athletic yet soft and curvy. I am agile and flexible and my movements are feline and graceful.

Reviews & Testimonials:

Valuing privacy and discretion, I don't do the review thing. But if you'd like to see some testimonials, they can be provided upon request.

About You

* you value experience and maturity
* you want heart-centered and authentic deep connection
* you are looking to expand awareness and refine your skills in the erotic arts
* you are on a path of personal development, sex and intimacy is a hot topic and you sense that having a companion-guide would be useful and fun
*** Recognize yourself? Connect with me.



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New Friends:

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Thank you so much for being willing to put in a little effort, so I can feel safe, so we can potentially have a wonderful time together...  

Old Friends:

Please text me if you still have my number, or send me an email and I will get back to you as soon as possible (weekdays- usually within 24hrs).

Thank you, I look forward to connecting with you!

Love, Allura  


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